A Short Conversation About Eddie Haskell

“I saw Eddie Haskell on the TV last night,” I said.

“Eddie Haskell,” Joanna asked, “as in “Leave it to Beaver?’”

“Yeah. but I mean it was the actor that portrayed him on the show, Ken Osmond.”

“Ken Osmond,” she said.

“Yeah. Ken Osmond.”


“He was on a repeat of ‘The Dating Game.’ From like the 60’s.”

“Did he get picked?”

“No. it was weird. When he was introduced, they said “this guy has won a lot of motorcycle trophies, and lives in LA where he works in” – i don’t remember; maybe like a copier rental joint or something.”

“And no one recognized him?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t know – I missed the beginning but when he came around the corner for the introduction at the end, the chick didn’t. It was weird: “Beaver” hadn’t been off the air that long…”

“That’s sad.”

“Really fucking sad.”

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